Being Rising Here’s the Bitter Sweetness of Jihan Audy Becomes a Successful Sword


Being Rising Here’s the Bitter Sweetness of Jihan Audy Becomes a Successful Sword

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Jihan Audy is often touted as The Next Via Vallen. The beautiful and cute who is not even seventeen years old is indeed booming and increasingly famous for Indonesia because of her expertise in singing dangdut koplo pop music.

Currently Jihan is skyrocketing due to being a new singer from the New Pallapa Malay Orchestra in East Java Province and surrounding areas. Although still a teenager, Jihan already has a lot of big fans gathered in a fan club called JYLO Manise alias (Jihan Audy Lovers).

The charm of the girl whose full name is Jihan Audylia Arinde Silva is indeed no joke. The proof, Jihan has stolen the attention of dangdut music lovers. He has now become the idol of many people.

Apart from the fact that the beautiful born in Mojokerto, January 12, 2004 has a voice when singing sounds so mature.

Had a ‘Show’ without Paying

Little Jihan has indeed shown his singing talent. Although still in elementary school, he has been actively singing since grade 3 elementary school. On the sidelines of his busy school and study, he continued to explore vocals and was only known to the public when grade 1 junior high.

Jihan’s struggle at the beginning was not exactly sweet. The reason is, he must be willing to sing from stage to stage without receiving a fee. There are parents who always accompany him, Jihan often offers his services to fill entertainment and bring one to two songs.

According to his confession, he used to feel happy to have the opportunity to sing in a number of shows even without being paid. He also had a show with a fee of Rp. 25 thousand. He had never thought that his career would accelerate and become popular everywhere like now.

Used to be ‘Modeling’
Since childhood, Jihan, who is sassy and funny, admits he prefers to appear as a model by bringing clothes designed by the designers. In fact, a number of fashion and modeling competitions had followed as a child model. But since kindergarten, his teacher often asked Jihan to take part in a number of singing competitions at school.

Once occupied, it is unexpected that singing is now even a source of sustenance. In fact, many say Jihan will be as big as Via Vallen. The reason is that the Via Vallen sworddut also began his career with the New Pallapa Malay Orchestra – just like Jihan now.

Busy ‘Show’ and School
Now Jihan is busy with a mobile tour schedule that is quite dense in several areas. Even so, he was still able to manage his time with school affairs. This is because he is now studying with home schooling, making it easier to manage time.

In addition to appearing on a number of stages, Jihan who is now in high school is also still involved with the recording schedule for some of his song singles. Even so, Jihan also still found time to run a number of additional tutoring with his private tutor at home.


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