BNI Sekuritas, Get to Know the Profile and Its Services in the Investment World


BNI Sekuritas, Get to Know the Profile and Its Services in the Investment World

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Investment in the world of business and finance has an important role. The reason is, by investing, you can grow a savings fund so that its value becomes greater in the future. Investing is also more recommended by financial experts than you just save your money in savings.

Various types of investments. However, most ordinary people interpret it as a game of stock companies or commodities that can not be done by just anyone. In fact, with the existence of mutual fund services and securities companies, investment in shares can now be done by anyone.

The interested parties, as well as stock or investment players, are certainly no stranger to one of the securities companies, BNI Sekuritas. Securities companies that are quite popular in Indonesia are indeed a lot of choices by the public to invest in shares. The reason is, you can open your own stock account or securities account by submitting it at BNI Sekuritas.

Discussing a little about BNI Sekuritas, the company is a subsidiary of Bank Negara Indonesia or BNI. So, the quality and integrity of BNI Securities do not need to be asked anymore.

For those of you who want to jump directly into the world of investment through securities companies, of course it is highly recommended to choose the company that provides the best service. For this reason, to better understand the company profile and the services provided by BNI Sekuritas, consider the following explanation.

A Brief History of BNI Securities Company
As mentioned earlier, BNI Sekuritas is a subsidiary of Bank Negara Indonesia or BNI. BNI Sekuritas has been operating since April 1995 in which more than 99% of its shares are owned by PT BNI and the remainder are the property of the Employees Cooperative in the initial period of its establishment.

BNI Sekuritas is a company engaged in the capital market. In this field, BNI Securities serves stock trading, debt securities, investment banking, and also asset management that has a Securities Company Business License.

Until mid-2011, BNI Sekuritas had a tougher ownership structure. This is suspected from the joining of SBI Securities, Japan, which contributed to being one of the main investors in BNI Sekuritas. With the joining of the Japanese securities company, the 75% shareholding of BNI Securities is owned by Bank Negara Indonesia and the rest is owned by SBI Securities.

Three years later, SBI Securities transferred the shares of BNI Securities to ownership of SBI Financial Services. In an effort to follow the flow of developments and applicable regulations in the capital market business, BNI Sekuritas established a subsidiary, BNI Asset Management, which has a legal entity. The subsidiary of BNI Sekuritas also operates as an investment manager.

The development of the BNI Sekuritas company continued to eventually become a company that was officially registered with the Financial Services Authority or OJK. Permits granted by the OJK include licenses for underwriting service providers, mutual fund sales agents, and also securities trading intermediaries, as well as various other activities related to the permit sector.

Having a fairly long track record and weight, BNI Sekuritas certainly has the capabilities needed in terms of investment activities. The registration of the securities company in the OJK and the granting of a number of service licenses is concrete evidence of the capabilities of BNI Securities. For that, for those of you who want to use BNI Sekuritas services while in the investment world, it never hurts to contact the parties concerned in order to get more complete information about the services provided.


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