Conditions to getting Home Surgery Assistance


Conditions to getting Home Surgery Assistance

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If you are in the MBR category and want to get help with house renovation from the government, there are several conditions that must be met:

1. Indonesian citizen (WNI) who is married

2. Owning or controlling land on the basis of legal rights

3. Do not have a house, or own and occupy the only house with unsuitable living conditions

4. Never received house renovation assistance or government assistance for housing

5. The highest income is the Provincial Minimum Wage (UMP)

6. Willing to be self-supporting and form a CDA with a joint statement of responsibility

7. Land is not in dispute status and is in accordance with regional spatial layout.

Requirements to form a house reconstruction aid group:

1. There is a chairman and member, secretary and member, treasurer and member, and members

2. The maximum number of CDE members is 20 people

3. KPB members reside in the same village or kelurahan

4. Determined by the village head or lurah.

Home Surgical Assistance Process

Stages of house renovation programs from the government include:

1. Proposing the location of house renovation (seen from the poverty level of the region or province)

2. Determination of location

3. Community preparation

4. Determination of prospective home surgery recipients

5. Disbursement, distribution, and utilization of house renovation in the form of money

6. Procurement and delivery of house surgical forms of goods

7. Reporting.

How to apply for home surgery assistance:

Submit a request to the Village Head
Later it will be coordinated by the Regent
Then the total number and location of uninhabitable houses will be recorded in the village or kelurahan
The amount of data proposed is at least 20 housing units per village or kelurahan
Prospective recipients of house renovation are determined by the Commitment Making Officer (PPK) and authorized by the KPA or Head of the Satker as the recipient of house renovation

Home renovation assistance funds will be disbursed through a bank or distributor channel in one

Subsidized Mortgages Become Another Alternative Renovation or Buying a Home
Actually, now with a maximum salary of IDR 4 million per month, you can apply for a subsidized mortgage with a fixed interest rate of 5% per year. The loan can be used to buy a new home or resale and repair the house.


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