Do This So Get a Job Fast


Do This So Get a Job Fast

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Are you one of the thousands who are struggling to get a job? If so, then you must be struggling with submitting job applications in many companies.

Before being accepted to work in a company, a lot of flow that must be traversed. From the file selection process, interviews, to psychological tests which of course many competitors. In fact, not infrequently, many feel stressed when declared failed or did not pass the selection of one of these tests.

There are so many factors that cause the prospective employee selection not pass. Both from academic and non-academic factors. Indeed, not only academic factors are taken into consideration, but also non-academic factors such as organizational experience and other achievements.

1. Expand Join in Volunteer Organizations
Life is all about our role towards others. One way to do this is to volunteer. In Indonesia, there are many voluntary organizations, from national and international scale. So, what is the correlation between finding a job and volunteering?

Being a volunteer will be a point of consideration for job recruiters. Volunteers usually not only provide experiences about caring, but also teach how to be more sensitive to the environment and how to socialize and work together in teams. This will certainly be very necessary when jumping into the world of work.

2. Explore Your Potential
Every human being in this world must have one or more potentials or strengths. Usually, the advantages that exist within can be extracted from hobbies, talents or interests. Starting from writing, drawing, painting, or exercising.

Finding one’s potential is indeed not easy. It takes a long time for this. However, when someone already knows the potential that exists in him, he will feel there is its own satisfaction.

When interviewing for work, it is not uncommon to ask questions relating to one’s potential. Therefore, it is very important to explore your potential early on. So when other people ask about what talent they have, there is no need to hesitate to answer or show it directly.


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