Exploring the World of Widescreen


Exploring the World of Widescreen

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Unger’s expertise in acting is not only explored in soap operas. After being deemed to have enough stock, BCL’s first film titled Cinta Pertama came out in 2006.

BCL continues to hone his acting skills by starring in dozens of other widescreen films. Call it like Kangen which was released in 2007 as well as Ada Anda, Aku Ada which aired in 2008.

She also briefly acted with her husband, Ashraf Sinclair who was of Malay-English blood, in the film Saus Kacang (2008). Since then, his career in the film industry has become more resounding. Especially after he played the role of Ainun in the film Habibie and Ainun in 2012.

In the film based on the true story of the love journey of the late 3rd President of the Republic of Indonesia, the late BJ Habibie, BCL collided with acting actor veteran Reza Rahadian. The name BCL skyrocketed because of the acting that plays Mrs. Ainun. And again, BCL also joined in singing the soundtrack for the film, entitled True Love.

Three BCL films were re-released to the market in 2016. Each of them was titled My Stupid Boss, 3 Heroine and Hijab Traveler: Love Sparks in Korea. Unge is increasingly taken into account in the world of film industry in the country.

Entering 2017, BCL also took part in three films titled Moon Cake Story, Little Letters to God and Si Juki The Movie. The brilliance of acting has become even more tested. And in 2019, BCL continues the sequel to the film My Stupid Boss 2.

Bright in the World of Pull Sound

The world of singing began to be tested in BCL since 2005. At that time, he was a duet with PAS Band in the song Ku Merindu. In the same year, BCL also filled the soundtrack of the Dealova film titled When You Go.

After a decade of pursuing the entertainment industry, BCL then spawned his first album titled First Love. The song Cinta Pertama (Sunny) became the single from this album, and is the soundtrack of the film of the same name. BCL also played a major role in the teen film.

I Didn’t Want to Be Alone was also released by BCL in 2006. Then followed the song Ingkar and Why Must Occur. Both of these songs are still taken from the album Cinta Pertama and became hits in 2006-2007.

In 2007, BCL made a break with a duet with Ari Lasso in the song Me and Yourself. Later, the best-selling song on the market was included in the album titled About You, which was released in 2008.

A single titled About You, Disappointed and Ever Young which still comes from the same album also later became hits and coloring the world of Indonesian music in 2008-2009.

In 2009, BCL also sang the song Just For You as the soundtrack of the film Peanut Sauce, which he starred with his husband. Then in 2010, he again sang the soundtrack Because I Love You for the film Bayu Cinta Luna that he did.


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