Join the Internship Program


Join the Internship Program

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Many companies always open internships or internships. Nothing wrong with joining the program. By following the internship program, you will have experience working in a field.

Following the apprenticeship program more than once also would not hurt. The more experience, the more varied and interesting the CV will be. In addition, not infrequently from the internship program, will be recruited as permanent employees in the company.

Create an Online Portfolio
Nowadays, social media plays a very important role. All things can be accessed easily on social media. For this reason, it is important to build self-image on social media and this needs to be considered.

When finding job applicants, it is not uncommon for the company to search on social media. If your social media only contains complaints or writings that are not polite, of course, the company will rethink to recruit you.

It is different if your social media contains quality, constructive and influential writing, the company will not hesitate to accept you as an employee. Therefore, don’t be afraid to make quality writing on your social media, besides being useful as a portfolio, it is also useful as your personal branding.

Keep Utilizing Time for Vacation
Who doesn’t like to go on vacation?

Taking time for a short vacation is one of the things that needs to be done. Indeed for some people, a vacation is not so important. Because in addition to spending energy, also spending money that is not small.

However, you know, going on vacation has one benefit. One way is to take a vacation, the mind will feel fresher, so that when starting work, ideas will be easily obtained. And automatically, it will be more productive.

With a vacation you will meet new people. Then don’t hesitate to get acquainted. Who knows they can provide insight or new ideas for your work later.


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