Luxury Bag Investment and Business Start-Up Becomes the Way of Micah Tambayong to Duplicate Money


Luxury Bag Investment and Business Start-Up Becomes the Way of Micah Tambayong to Duplicate Money

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Beautiful, young, multitalented, and wealthy. That is the image inherent in the sweet harmony artist, Mikha Tambayong. As if to be a magnet for money, this 25-year-old girl is already twisted from a career in the entertainment industry and business.

The owner of the full name Maudy Mikha Maria Tambayong is an actress, singer and model. Not to mention the flood of jobs to become advertising stars or product brand ambassadors. He also pioneered the current cake business like other celebrities.

Starting actively plunging into the country’s entertainment industry since 2008, Micah was able to collect a lot of coffers of money. Even the woman born in Jakarta, 15 September 1994 was dubbed as a young socialite.

Starting with the Cover GIRL Contest

Mikha Tambayong’s career debut began with the selection of the Cover GIRL event in 2008. In the same year, the son of the couple Michael Tambayong and Deva Tambayong went into the world of acting by starring in the soap opera “Cocoon. “

A year later, Micah was offered singing. Released the debut single titled “First Love.” Grateful, his work was accepted by the people of Indonesia. His dream of becoming a singer slowly came true.

The journey continues. The niece of the singer Harvei Malaihollo launched the first album titled “Former Girlfriends” with the same single title in 2010. After that, he decided to focus on completing his studies at the Faculty of Law, Pelita Harapan University (UPH), Micah for a short period of time.

Shortly thereafter, Micah again accepted MD Entertainment’s offer to be the main actor in the soap opera “Nada Cinta.” From here, the name Mikha Tambayong increasingly soared. Then, he also played in the soap opera “Aishiteru.”

Sharpen Acting by Plunging to the Big Screen

The film Fallin ‘in Love in 2012 became the beginning of Micah’s career on the big screen. He is also believed to sing the soundtrack of the film that was made by Screenplay Productions and Mizan Productions.

Since then, the goddess Fortuna continued to side with her. Micah starred in a number of feature films, such as “Slank Doesn’t Die” (2013), “Bangkok Check-In” (2015), to “Senjakala in Manado” and “Promise” in 2016.

In addition, Micah also played in the film “Critical Eleven” and “Move On Trip the Series” in 2017. In the following year, he collided acting in a big screen film titled “Flight 555,” “Buffalo Boys,” “13: The Haunted, “” Turn Right Barcelona, ​​”and” BPJS (Social Mediocre Budget). “


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