Open Business until Dubbed Young Socialite


Open Business until Dubbed Young Socialite

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Playing movies, soap operas, singers have been well played. The wealth of Micah increased because not only received an honorarium from soap operas and singing alone, but also as a brand ambassador for products, advertising stars, to endorsement.

Micah also learned to be an entrepreneur by starting a culinary business. Right on her 23rd birthday, this sweet woman has a cafe in Tebet, South Jakarta. It’s called Bebop Food Studio. The concept is a cafe that is united with a music studio. Cool?

In addition, Micah also opened a cake shop named Milvil in the city of Manado, North Sulawesi. The outlet presents snacks for souvenirs typical of Manado.

Remarkably, the culinary business was pioneered from the results of his own efforts. Pure capital comes from the income he collects. So there is no interference from parents and family. He said he wanted to learn independently, become an adult, and finance his own needs.

According to him, business is an investment in the future. Because a career in the entertainment industry there must be ups and downs. For this reason, artists usually provide them with a business or invest in various portfolios.

Great yes, already beautiful, smart, thinking about the future again. From the results of his hard work so far, it is natural that he has branded goods. Yes, Micah indeed claimed to like branded goods and collecting luxury bags. No wonder he was called a young socialite.

However, he never insisted on always using luxury goods. Only on certain occasions, such as fashion shows, dinners, or other important events. But for him, luxury items, such as bags can be used as a business or long-term investment.

Think Investment for the Future
Micah increased the coffers of money by opening a business. That is an investment in old age. That’s how it should be if your financial future wants to be guaranteed. Don’t just rely on income from work, but start learning to do business or invest.

Set aside money from your monthly salary or income. Once collected, open the business as you wish and market trends. It can also invest in shares, mutual funds, gold, property, fintech peer to peer lending, or state debt securities (SUN).


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