Remember! You know, the tax that must be paid for the just


Remember! You know, the tax that must be paid for the just

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With taxes, the development of a country can be done. There are many sectors that are taxed, not least the safekeeping items which are bought from abroad.

Many foreign goods purchases nowadays have been used as business opportunities with the term just (private services) to buy products when traveling to other countries. Luckily, it’s also quite tempting.

Because the purchase price of these products abroad is usually much cheaper than the prices marketed in Indonesia. In fact, there are even more enthusiasts because the price of these jastip products is usually cheaper than the prices sold at domestic outlets.

No wonder the jastip business is now mushrooming. Then, are you one of those who often do jastip goods from abroad

Jastip Tax Provisions

As explained by the Tax Aspect of Open Services (Jastip) in the official website of the Directorate General of Tax (DJP) of the Ministry of Finance, it is stated that jastip activities are individual shopping (personal shopper) that is subject to tax.

The provisions of the jastip tax are regulated in Regulation of the Minister of Finance (PMK) No.203 / PMK.04 / 2017 concerning Provisions on the Export and Import of Goods Carried by Passengers and the Beginning of Carriage.

In this rule, the limit of luggage purchased from abroad that is not taxed is US $ 500 per person / individual or equivalent to Rp7,078,000 (exchange rate of Rp.14,156 per US dollar).

If it exceeds the set value of the goods, the rest is counted as taxable purchases.

The picture is like this,
Buy ABCD products from abroad for a total of US $ 800
The free limit to be brought into Indonesia is only US $ 500
Because there are restrictions on groceries purchased from abroad, there are excess purchases.

Even so, Kasubdit Communication and Publication Directorate General of Tax (DJBC) Ministry of Finance, Deni Surjantoro, revealed that it is possible even though the value of goods purchased from abroad does not reach US $ 500.

For this reason, he appealed to the public, especially those making jastip businesses, to keep filling in the special import goods notification document (PIBK) after landing at the airport in the country.


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