Services that BNI Securities Customers Can Get


Services that BNI Securities Customers Can Get

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Having a determination to always provide the best service to its customers, BNI Sekuritas always strives to increase the added value satisfaction that customers can obtain. One way to do this is by innovating an online stock transaction system developed to be able to meet all the needs of BNI Securities service users.

In addition, the fund separation service or fund separation owned by BNI Sekuritas customers is also tangible proof of the commitment of the securities company to comply with the principles of Good Corporate Governance or GCG. The fund separation service is also BNI Securities’ effort to comply with the rules and regulations of the Indonesian Capital Market.

Through the fund separation system, all BNI Securities customers must have a special account or investment fund account with the name of the customer concerned. The purpose of separating customer funds is to ensure that customer funds are maintained safely.

It also makes it easier for customers to monitor their funds or balance at any time. Therefore, BNI Securities requires all its customers to have a separate account, namely by creating an investor’s fund account.

Awards and Successful Achievements Achieved by BNI Sekuritas
Operating since 1995, BNI Sekuritas certainly has a wealth of experience as well as achievements and awards that have been received. These awards and achievements have been a driving force for BNI Sekuritas to continuously improve its best service to its loyal customers.

Starting for 6 years after its establishment, BNI Sekuritas was awarded as the Best Securities Company by Investor Magazine in 2001. Further, in 2003, BNI Sekuritas was again awarded as a Trusted Partner in the Mutual Fund Management Category.

Business Week & Frontier also awarded BNI Securities as Indonesia’s Most Admired Securities Company in 2005. Until last in 2018, BNI Sekuritas received another award from the Indonesian Central Securities Depository or KSEI as the Most Active Securities Company.

The various forms of appreciation obtained by BNI Securities are clear evidence of the commitment upheld by the securities company. The award also motivated BNI Securities services to its customers to be even better.


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