The more mature as a soloist


The more mature as a soloist

Bada Bagh, Temple, Cultural Site

Still, in 2010, Unge hooked a famous singer from the Philippines, Christian Bautista, in the song Keep Dihatiku. In 2012, he returned to spawn the song Your Face Remind Me. Still in the same year, BCL duet with Intan Ayu for the song Hot.

In 2013, BCL released the album The Best of BCL which included Hot and Cinta Sejati, the soundtrack from the films Habibie and Ainun.

Entering 2015, BCL launches Hit Singles and More which is a compilation album from Cinta Pertama. This album features the song Happy Woman who described her feelings for her beloved husband and their son, Noah Sinclair.

While in 2017, It’s BCL was launched to the market with Suria Records. He brought back the song Reza Artamevia entitled Aku Wanita to My Heart Still Yours (Deterrent).

Because of his 10 years of playing in the Indonesian music scene, BCL then held his first solo concert titled, It’s BCL in 2017. Held at the Plenary Hall, JCC Senayan, Central Jakarta, many fellow musicians and friends who were invited to collaborate.

Call it like Reza Rahadian, Ariel NOAH, Joe Taslim, Ari Lasso, Yovie Widianto, and of course PAS Band to Alm BJ Habibie took part in the BCL’s first solo concert.

With Andi Rianto as orchestra leader, as many as 27 songs were sung by BCL in this lively concert. BCL, who also studied vocals at Elfa Secioria, also included art director from LA, The Square Division.

Furthermore, the experience of traveling abroad in the world of singing and cinema made BLC believed to be the youngest judge in the prestigious music scene of the country, Indonesian Idol season 9. Together with Ari Lasso, Maia Estianty, Judika and Armand Maulana, BCL’s presence added to the excitement and excitement of the singer contest. .

Has Wealth of around Rp 10 Billion

Married to a young billionaire, the wealth of BCL is now even greater. Even so, it can be said that Unge has its own money factory. His totality in acting proved to be very mesmerizing and hypnotizing many people. No wonder if BCL reportedly put up a tariff of Rp 1 billion for one film.

The world of cinema and soap operas became his fields for money. Likewise, singing performance. Once performed, BCL is said to have received hundreds of millions of honorariums. Meanwhile, to be a guest star on various television shows, BCL is said to set a more friendly price in the range of IDR 10-25 million.

In addition, BCL also has income from various endorsements. Yup, celebrities today are more taking into account the business of this endorsement because it is quite profitable. The range of money bags that can be bagged can even reach tens of millions of Rupiah.

Together with her beloved husband, BCL also built a number of businesses in various fields. Starting from cosmetics such as the ESQA X BCL brand in collaboration with ESQA, to the culinary business consisting of the T.G.I franchise. Fridays, Bulgogi Brothers and Pondok Sunda.

Be Consistent and Good at Capturing Opportunities
The success of BCL does not only happen overnight. Nor is it only due to luck. BCL has proven to be consistent in her field of work with full dedication. He is also good at seeing and capturing opportunities that exist with the maximum.

According to him, the husband often taught him how to do business. That the income earned from acting and singing is not silenced, but played back in the form of business. This is an attractive investment opportunity and bring multiplied profits for them.


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